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The Hospitaliers’ Festival At Nant (Cantobre Section)

The Larzac - Dourbie 29Km Race
View the pictures clockwise, starting at the top left

The runners appear at the base of the climbing wall Down into the Trevezel valley Through the Trevezel river Up the steep climb at the back of Cantobre Finally to the Crevice in the rock Daylight at last
Finally head towards Nant on the final section
Run up the track
Turn the corner out of the valley
Finally appearing underneath the bridge
Climbing out of the crevice
Running from the end rock
Running to the south side of Cantobre
Running past the bottom of our Castel
Back up through the valley in front of Cantobre Watch out for the steep bit! Down the terraces into the valley Down into the terraced valley in front of Cantobre Leaving Cantobre through the entrance Into the centre of the village for refreshments
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Castel de Cantobre Gîtes, Lou Castel, Rue de L’Église, Cantobre, 12230 Nant. France.
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