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Castel de Cantobre Gîtes - Pricing and Discounts

We try to make our pricing as reasonable as possible, and our base prices are for a weekly booking with no discounts and surcharges.
Booking the gîte for less than a week stops other clients from booking the week, so we have to apply surcharges for less than 7 nights.
Booking 1 night is the same as booking 2 nights (a weekend) and because we have fixed overheads, a long weekend (3 nights) is better value than the 2 night weekend.

We also offer discounts for booking both our gîtes together, for less than 3 people booking and booking for 3 weeks, 4 weeks or 5 weeks.

If you want to take a chance that the gîte will be available at short notice we sometimes give a 20% reduction for last minute bookings.

Please use the calendar on the Prices & Booking form of the gîte that interests you in the Accommodation menu item above, to immediately find out the exact cost of the nights you are interested in.