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Peggy and Lionel
I am English and my wife is Irish. Although we have been together since 1983 we only got married in 2009 in preparation for our new life together in France.

We used to come on holiday to the region every other year for a long time and the opportunity to live here and make enough money to survive came up. So we have been living here since December 2009 and are enjoying every minute of it. Both of us love the countryside and the wildlife here and in between looking after the gîtes we go for lots of walks. It’s a fantastic place to live, come and share it with us!

We are surrounded by countryside, both valley scenery and the wild causse land above the valley. Boredom is impossible here: we never tire of the scenery from our terraces or driving down the Dourbie valley to Millau. I love to go fishing in the beautiful crystal clear Dourbie trout river if only for a walk on the wild-side, catching a fish is secondary to watching a beaver swim past or catching a glimpse of a deer or red squirrel drinking from the river while a kingfisher darts by! Peggy, on the other hand prefers going for a swim or having a coffee on dry land, meeting friends and watching village life in nearby Nant.

Lionel & Peggy

M. ou Mme. Haines
Lou Castel
Rue de L’Église
12230 NANT

Telephone +33 (0)5 65 62 85 70
Mobile +33 (0)6 02 38 32 58
Email info@casteldecantobre.co.uk