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Castel de Cantobre Gîtes - Pricing and Discounts

We try to make our pricing as reasonable as possible, and our base prices are for a weekly booking with no discounts and surcharges. Booking the gîte for less than a week stops other clients from booking the week, so we have to apply surcharges for less than 7 nights. Booking 1 night is the same as booking 2 nights (a weekend) and because we have fixed overheads, a long weekend (3 nights) is better value than the 2 night weekend.

We also offer discounts for booking both our gîtes together, for less than 3 people booking and booking for 3 weeks, 4 weeks or 5 weeks.

After requesting a reservation, we ask you to pay a 25% downpayment using whatever method you have chosen below. The remaining 75% can be made by the same method or, on arrival by using any combination of cash (euros), French cheques, and Chèques-Vacances (please note that Chèques-Vacances are NOT Traveller’s Cheques).
Except for PayPal payments, you can also pay part of the downpayment using your chosen method and part of it using Chèques-Vacances. We now accept both the Classic Chèques-Vacances and the new digital Connect Chèques-Vacances.
We only accept cheques from a French bank.

While PayPal (and card payment via PayPal) is an easy way to pay, it costs us 3.4% and if you do not have a euro bank account it costs you about 5% to change from your currency into euros.
To encourage the use of bank transfers and French cheques, we now offer a 2% reduction for not using PayPal.
Having our TransferWise bank account allows anybody in the UK, Euro-zone, USA, Australia and New Zealand to pay us using their own currency with no currency conversion.

For other countries such as Switzerland (or if you would like your own account), read on... You can create your own TransferWise account; it only takes a couple of days for TransferWise to verify it and costs nothing to set up or maintain.
With your own account you can easily transfer the amount in euros to our account (or use their debit card while on holiday) and TransferWise will charge you about half a percent (0.5%) per transaction (using the exact mid-market exchange rate). When you open a TransferWise account you can also have a TransferWise debit card, this is very useful if you would otherwise use a non-euro bank card while on holiday as you get the same rates as if you were transferring money (no expensive bank rates or charges).
If you set up your TransferWise account using the link we provide, the first transfer that you make (up to 500 GBP) will be free of any charges.

If you want to take a chance that the gîte will be available at short notice we sometimes give up to a 20% reduction for last minute bookings.

Please use the calendar on the Prices & Booking form of the gîte that interests you in the Accommodation menu item above, to immediately find out the exact cost of the nights you are interested in.